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Azyati Pakir Mohamed, (2014) Marketing dilemma : A & I confinement spa case study. [MBA Final Project Report]

Norulhuda Awang, (2014) Social media marketing strategy in small medium tourism enterprise (smtes); a case of step to jump consultancy. [MBA Final Project Report]

Reza Shermizi Mohd Adzmi , (2014) Rs frenzy apparel: the competitive advantage of a new player in the school uniform industry. [MBA Final Project Report]


Azuan Md Ghazali @ Ghazali, (2014) Hestia : setting a new benchmark for Malaysian aged care services. [MBA Final Project Report]

Ahmad Marwan Azizan, (2015) The effects of motivation towards job satisfaction case study : Fast food industry in Kota Bharu. [MBA Final Project Report]

Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, (2015) Sustaining business competitiveness : Merging eTIQa Insurance and Takaful. [MBA Final Project Report]

Adibah Amin Kruti, (2015) The influence of psychological empowerment of organisational commitment among nurses. [MBA Final Project Report]

Ahmad Affandi Nik Jaafar, (2015) Revenue collection performance : A case study on University Hospital in Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Allan Abraham Mirad, (2015) A case of conflict resolution in business partnership. [MBA Final Project Report]

Amir Hamzah Tamam, (2015) Accounting issue of a sole proprietorship company in Kelantan : A case study of XYZ Hardware. [MBA Final Project Report]

Amirul Firdaus Zilah, (2015) A study on relationship between leadership styles of chief librarian and library’s staff job satisfaction in Malaysian Public University Library. [MBA Final Project Report]

Ammar Azmi, (2015) Change of work order as a delay factor: A case study of building construction in Kelantan, Malaysia. [MBA Final Project Report]

Ahmad Faiz Bin Hasnan, (2017) Stress problem : time and financial management in handling two businesses simultaneously. [MBA Final Project Report]

Aisihati Ayijiang, (2017) Customer Satisfaction On Teaching Service : A Case Study Of LINYIN Piano School. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

An Nur Nabila Binti Ismail, (2017) Factor influence the intention in buying organic food among students in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]


Chan Yee Mong, (2015) Small company issues : A case study of Ah Yee Welding. [MBA Final Project Report]


Foo Soon Wah, (2015) An effectiveness of Frog-Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SKJC) Peir Chih. [MBA Final Project Report]

Fadlina Ismail, (2017) The Influences Of Job Rotation On Employee’s Performance In Public Higher Learning Institutions. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Fakhrurazi Mohammed, (2017) Pengkalan Chepa Prison Officers Performance In Relation To The Work Life Balance Of The Staff. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Faten Nur Akmal Ismail, (2017) Balancing Public Service And Profit Creation : Sustainability Case Of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Fatin Athirah Binti Ab Aziz, (2017) Challenges Facing Fresh Graduate Engineers. [MBA Final Project Report]

Fazia Izattie Binti Lukman, (2017) Tourism Industry in Economy Development of Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]


Hasnan Harun, (2014) JHR ventures : a case study of finance in event management. [MBA Final Project Report]

Hanis Alyani Hisham, (2015) Is love enough for business to grow : A case study of Lizza Creations. [MBA Final Project Report]

Hasawardi Bin Hazmi, (2017) The impacts of total quality management (TQM) on organization : the case of Craun Research Sdn.Bhd. [MBA Final Project Report]

Hetty Hernani Binti Maidin, (2018) Supplier relationship management effect on price control behavior over small bicycle shops sales in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Hyder Jaleel Gafoor Abdul Rasheed, (2017) The Effectiveness Of AZAM Tani Program Towards Poverty Reduction Among Participants Of Stingless Bees Honey Project: A Case Of Farmers’ Organization Authority In Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)


Intan Nur Diyana Che Bakar, (2015) The effects of compensation on employees performance in banking industry : Employee motivation as the mediator. [MBA Final Project Report]


Jafre Mohd Ariffin, (2014) JHR ventures: a case study of business challenge in event management industry. [MBA Final Project Report]


Kamaruddin Mahmood, (2015) Measuring job satisfaction from management, occupational and organizational characteristic among UMK staff. [MBA Final Project Report]

Khadijah Khalid, (2017) The Effects Of Financial Planning In Supporting International Strategy : MMI Murni Sdn. Bhd. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)


Lailatul Asmah Mohd Tahir , (2014) Fabulous4u : product development process for a brand new islamic nursing attire. [MBA Final Project Report]

Liew Yoon Mei, (2015) The influence of principal’s leadership styles and decision making on school teachers’ job satisfaction : Study of SKJC Peir Chih Primary School in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Lim Wan Yi, (2015) Antecedents of job satisfaction among non-academic staffs of University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). [MBA Final Project Report]


Mohd Shaharunizam Mohd Shah, (2014) RS Frenzy Apparel: A marketing challenge as a new player in uniform apparel market. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mazura Mohamed, (2015) Case study : Investigating the feasibility of producing furniture from particleboard and supplying customize particleboard to micro manufactures for Kelantan market. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohamad Norazam Abdullah., (2015) A case study of KELHELDEPT : The implications of medical officer doing administrative work. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohd Norisham Mohamad Rosli, (2015) "How motivation effects job satisfaction" Case study : Primadotnet Holdings Kota Bharu Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohd Hafizuddin Hiew Abdullah @ Hiew Yeap Seng, (2015) From undergraduate to entrepreneur : The driving force of success through financial management. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohd Suhairi Suhaimin, (2015) The efficiency of financial management practices among Micro Enterprises Entrepreneurs in the Malaysian Agro-Based Industry in Kota Bharu Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Muhamed Fathi Che Samsuri, (2015) A case study of VINSCO : Employee satisfaction and loyalty in public organization sector. [MBA Final Project Report]

Muhammad Nuh Ezhar, (2015) A case study of KEPECHALA. [MBA Final Project Report]

Muhammad Rasyid Rosli, (2015) Agency problem in MUZACO : Who is to be blame. [MBA Final Project Report]

Muhammad Zulfaris Mohd Salleh, (2015) Minimum Wages Policy towards the employers in SME’s Industry. [MBA Final Project Report]

Muhd Hazim Shukri, (2015) A study on job motivation affect job satisfaction among employee’ Case study : Lioness Company, Kota Bharu Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohd Ridwan Hakimi Ahmad, (2014) A case study of HN Healthy Meals to U. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mariati Mohd Zin, (2017) Does Workload Stress Effect The Job Performance Within Time Pressure Among Architects-Engineers In Kota Bharu Practising Consultancy Services Firm. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Mohamad Karim Bin Mohamad Isa, (2017) Factors Affecting Average Processing Time in Retail Banking Services. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohd Azali Putera Ismail, (2018) Motivation,reward and employee retention : a case study of Zynee Enterprise, petrol station, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Mohd Norhakimi Bin Nordin, (2017) Student Satisfaction Towards University at Pengkalan Chepa Campus. [MBA Final Project Report]

Muhammad Azfar Dolmat, (2017) Digital Marketing Business Strategy : A Case Study Of Katang Gym. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Muhammad Dhiyauddin Hilman Bin Wi, (2017) Competition among the biggest three telco provider in Malaysia : a case study of telco. [MBA Final Project Report]


Nadzirah Othman , (2014) Finding market niche through marketing & product differentiation: a case study on HN healthy meals to u. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nor Aziah Amiruddin, (2014) Marketing issues of a new company in the fashion industry : a case study of fabulous mom and baby boutique. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nahashimi Yaacob, (2015) Success factors of cosmetic entrepreneurs in Malaysia : A case study. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nik Mohd Redzuan Mohd Noor, (2015) Strategic leadership influence on company's direction : A case study of MKA Property Consultant SDN BHD. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Afiqah Mohd Daud, (2015) An examination of customer’s perception towards issues of Musharakah Mutana Qisah Islamic Home Financing. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Ain Mohd Yusoff, (2015) Job satisfaction among psychiatric nurses : A case study of HealthCo. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Aziah Mohd Arof, (2015) Franchising as a new venture strategy growth : A case study of rural restaurant. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Ezdiani Roseli, (2015) Managing work motivation towards an organization : A case study of AL Vison Johor SDN BHD. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Farhana Abu Kassim, (2015) Student perception on human resources management practices on the performance of Malaysian’s SME : Based on students theoretical knowledge. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Iffah Ahmad, (2013) Job safety among electricians : A case study of ELECTRO. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Nazwa Mohamed Aziz, (2015) Job satisfaction and organizational commitment among academic staff in Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Shazrina Md Jaib, (2015) Rewards and employees turnover intention in Malaysia retail industry : The mediating effect of job satisfaction. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nasuha Izati Najir Mohd, (2017) Social Impact of Oyster Mushroom (Fried Mushroom) Business : Case Study in Pengkalan Chepa. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nazli Hulwany Abdullah, (2017) The Work Life Balance Among Women Lecturer At Polytechnic Kota Bharu. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Nazli Hulwany Abdullah, (2017) The work life balance among women lecturer at polytechnic Kota Bharu. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nor Azuani Mohamed Ariff, (2017) Workforce Retention In Small Business : A Case Study Of Siti Fesyen,Tumpat,Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Nor Emeziaton Binti Abdul Rahaman, (2017) A Case Study of Customer Satisfaction Among Public Transportation Provider : Taxi VS Grab Car. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nor Hayati Binti Endut, (2017) Technology Innovation in Influencing The Creation of Market For Digital Batik Printing Of Pantai Cahaya Bulan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Norazakiah Niffer Binti Yaman, (2017) The study on the relationship between the principle instagram account and the dropship sales : the case of hijab instagram sellers in Sarawak. [MBA Final Project Report]

Normaslaini Binti Mohamad Sapri, (2018) The awareness of e-Commerce internet security among women entrepreneur in east-coast Malaysia. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Hidayat Binti Abd Nasir, (2017) Market Rationale on Traditional Batik Design Sustainability. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Nabilah Wahidah Binti Mohd Zuki, (2017) Relevancy of Amanah Iktiar Malaysia (AIM) in Aiding Poor Community. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nur Nadia Mohd Yusuff, (2018) Work-family interface, job satisfaction and turnover intention among non-executive employee in Rohm Wako Electronic (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Aisya Binti Zainuddin, (2018) The factors influencing management conflict in organization. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Hanis Zulkifli, (2018) Influence of parents involvement towards efficiency of education system in secondary school at Pengkalan Chepa with regards to education delivery. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Najihatulamira Binti Mustaffa, (2017) Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Among Islamic and Conventional Bank Employees in Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nurul Qamariah Ibrahim, (2017) Factors Influence Financial Literacy Among Employees in Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

Nuurul Arfahuda Yusuf, (2017) A Case Analysis on Far East Holdings Berhad : Diversification Strategy. [MBA Final Project Report]


Rosmuni Abdul Aziz, (2014) A case study on Vital ed Solution: Sustainability factors. [MBA Final Project Report]

Rusni Mohamed, (2015) Harmonizing between aggressive strategy & sustainability : The case of KPJ Healthcare Berhard. [MBA Final Project Report]

Rizham Ibni, (2014) JHR Ventures: Driving forces of marketing in event management. [MBA Final Project Report]

Robiatulladawiah Mohamed, (2017) Relationship Between Teacher’s Workloads And Student Performance In Kelantan Islamic Foundation School In Pengkalan Chepa. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)


Sinarsinari Mohd Hussain, (2014) Step to jump consultancy: Knowledge culture tourism at Cempaka Beach Resort. [MBA Final Project Report]

Saifullah Shueb, (2015) Gino Pizza : A small scale business in town. [MBA Final Project Report]

Shahnaz Noorul Amin, (2015) Factors influencing the level of tax compliance among SME Entrepreneurs in Malaysia. [MBA Final Project Report]

Siti Normarinee Ahmad, (2015) Strategic management for business sustainability : A case of traditional herbal medicine company. [MBA Final Project Report]

Siti Nurul Izzati Mohamed Noor, (2015) Factors influencing Retirement Planning Behaviour (RPB) among Malaysian. [MBA Final Project Report]

Siti Syakirah Yusoh, (2015) Employee loyalty and organizational crisis : A case study of Marc Airlines. [MBA Final Project Report]

Siti Aimi Amalina Binti Mohammed, (2017) Employee's Resignation Issues in Shaping Company's Business Image. A case study of Minda Agrimachinery Sdn Bhd. [MBA Final Project Report]

Siti Sonia Mustika Mohd Nawawi, (2017) Factors Influencing Systematic Financial Management Among Students. [MBA Final Project Report] (Submitted)

Sufian Bin Saleh, (2018) The influence of service marketing mix on patient satisfaction towards KBMC. [MBA Final Project Report]


Tan Sun Huat, (2015) Small company issues : A case study of Ben Hin Trading. [MBA Final Project Report]


Wan Sabarina Mohd Rashid, (2014) Managing an effective aged care centre: The case of Hestia Care and Retreat. [MBA Final Project Report]

Wan Nor Fatihah Wan Hanafi, (2015) A descriptive study of financial wellness influencing factors among Malaysian : Examining the moderating effect of personality. [MBA Final Project Report]

Wan Nur Maisara Wan Muhd Ghazi, (2015) Debt loan among government servants and effect on their personal financial goal. [MBA Final Project Report]

Wan Nurul Illiana Zulkafli, (2015) A legacy under construction : A case study of Sprintdev. [MBA Final Project Report]

Wan Zaiti Hastuti Wan Zahari, (2015) ‘Cili Solok’ : Is it possible to market outside Kelantan? [MBA Final Project Report]

Wee Bee Fong, (2018) Determinants of effectiveness comfortable retirement planning among employees small medium enterprise in Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]


Yusnor Izzah Mohd Yusop, (2014) Rebranding spa image: A case study of Karar enterprise (Karar SPA). [MBA Final Project Report]

Yap Ling Shia, (2018) The effectiveness of marketing mix strategies on fishmonger sales at pasar bandar Tasek Raja. [MBA Final Project Report]

Yusmawati Binti Hussain, (2018) The study on Malaysian online shopping platform in cosmetic business affect toward dependency on human capital. [MBA Final Project Report]


Zalianah Atan, (2014) Management of marketing issues: A case study of Vital ed Solution. [MBA Final Project Report]

Zulkifli Yahya, (2015) Beban kerja Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah PDRM (IPPD Pontian Johor). [MBA Final Project Report]

Zaidi Bin Sarkawi, (2017) The relationship of social innovation, entrepreneur culture and enterprise success among rural youth in Sarawak. [MBA Final Project Report]

Zeity Liziana Binti Razali, (2018) The factors influencing performance of women micro enterprises in Kelantan. [MBA Final Project Report]

‘Atiyyah Mumtazah Nawawi, (2015) The Korean wave impact in Malaysia toward cultural, consumption and business opportunities. [MBA Final Project Report]

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