Diversity of dung beetle associated with elephant dung at Gunung Basor Forest Reserve, Jeli, Kelantan

Nor Amirah Mohd Hashim, (2018) Diversity of dung beetle associated with elephant dung at Gunung Basor Forest Reserve, Jeli, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The diversity and abundance of dung beetle family Scarabaeidae influence by presence of varied dung producing animal such as elephant. Gunung Basor Forest Reserve known for elephant’s pathway. There is less information on dung beetles species that decompose the elephant dung along the pathway. Hence, the diversity and abundant of dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) associated with elephant dung in this area were investigated through manual collection using forceps. Field sampling was conducted at two different sites namely Renyok l Intake (site A) and Renyok Maintenance Adit (site B) and approximately 80 piles of elephant dung were observed. A total of 10 species from 195 individuals were collected. They comprised of Aphodius contaminatus, Aphodius ghardimaouensis, Aphodius sp. l, Aphodius sp. 2, Catharsius molossus, Copris hispanus, Copris minutus, Ochicanthon sp. l, Onthophagus sp. l and Paragymnopleurus maurus. The diversity analysis gave a value of 2.091 for the Shannon-Wiener diversity index (H’) and 0.9081 for the Pielou’s evenness index (J ’). This value indicated Gunung Basor Forest Reserve has high diversity and evenness of dung beetles associated with elephant dung. Copris minutus was recorded as the most abundance species with 50 individuals found (26%), whereas Paragymnopleurus maurus was the least abundant species with only two individuals found (1%). The species diversity and abundance of species dung beetles related to the resource availability of elephant dung as food resources at this area. The data of this research is very useful for planning the conservation activity of dung beetles species as well as elephant’s community.

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