Geology and geographysical analysis of slope failure using electrical resitivity survey at North Aring 6, Kelantan

Zafirah Balqis Rozman, (2018) Geology and geographysical analysis of slope failure using electrical resitivity survey at North Aring 6, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Aring 6 is located at the eastern part of Gua Musang district. This study aims to update geological map of study area at North Aring 6, Kelantan with a scale of 1:25,000. The research also focused on the second objective which is to investigate the slope failure at the study area using electrical resistivity method. Specific tools were used during the research for both geological and geophysical survey. Geological mapping survey is a survey of lithology, structural geology, stratigraphy and morphology of the study area and the rock samples were taken for petrographic analysis in the laboratory. Software ArcMap 10.2 is used in digitizing and updating the base map. The structural geology of the outcrops are measured and recorded using specific geological mapping tools. The availability of lithological data from these areas shows that the study area are consist of volcanic rock which are andesite, metasedimentary rock such as metashale and sedimentary rock such as shale, siltstone and limestone. Aring 6 is formed under several formations which are Aring Formation and Koh Formation. Geomorphology or the landfonns of the study area are mostly consisting of hilly area and mountainous area. Aring 6 is located between two main rivers which are Lebir River and Aring River. Aring 6 is populated by small population for palm oil estate workers. For geophysical study, there were 4 survey lines at two different location of landslide. Two lines were conducted horizontally for 200 meters cable wires using Wenner array and the other two were conducted vertically for 100 meters cable wire using pole-dipole method. ABEM Terrameter Lund System (LS) and its shipped tools were used in the study and the current were injected to the ground through 41 electrodes with the equivalent electrode spacing between them. Based on the geophysical survey, the landslide is occurred due to soil or rock material (weathered rock) and also the presence of water saturated sediment. The fracture zone is also one of the factors that can enhance the weathering process. The absence of vegetation cover may be the factor of landslide due to road cutting that gives exposure of the rock to weathering process.

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