General geology and river morphology of Sungai Renok at Gua Musang, Kelantan

Nur Syuhada Mohammad Rafei, (2018) General geology and river morphology of Sungai Renok at Gua Musang, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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A study on the general geology and river morphology was conducted in Sungai Renok, Gua Musang, Kelantan. The coordinate study area at latitude between 4°56’32.3 l2”N to 4°56’32.35l”N and from longitude lOl°59’44.512”E to l02°2’26.995”E with dimension of study area 5km >< 5km which is 25km2. Sungai Renok is located in Gua Musang Formation and also a part of Gunung Rabong Fomiation. The geological map of the study area has been produced and updated by using geographic information system (GIS) method with the scale of 1125000. Based on the geological mapping that has been done, Sungai Renok consists of mainly schist, phyllite, quartzite, slate, limestone, dominantly tuff, interbedded sandstone with siltstone and shale was analyzed using petrographic analysis in order to determine its mineral composition. The purpose of this study also is to identify of river morphology which is conducted on the Sungai Renok by using two different methods such as field observation of channel river by looking morphology features that relate to channel response to the flood events and involved cross-section river has been collected at three different points line of river that related to particles of sediment in water movement of the river. The movement of water and sediment load types affects the depth and width of the channel. Result show that, in low flow period, a shallow and narrow channel was observed compare to high flow period which record has a deeper and wider channel. In conclusion, Sungai Renok are classify as a meandering river and the results indicate that factors influence the channel morphology changes in different season was significant due to the discharge, erosion, sedimentation and enlargement.

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