Removal of phenol from contaminated water by newly prepared nickel catalyst.

Nurul Shafiqah Abu Mazlan, (2017) Removal of phenol from contaminated water by newly prepared nickel catalyst. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Organic pollutant like phenol is preliminary considered as pollutant which is toxic and harmful and non-biodegradable. Although many methods have been employed to remove the phenol from the contaminated water, but the cost of designed catalyst are quite expensive. Thus, a low cost catalyst with selective capability removal of phenol as a water pollutant is generate. This study is focused on explores the preparation and characterization of Nickel-Tannin/Chitosan catalyst and evaluate the catalytic activity of the newly prepared catalyst in the oxidation of phenol in aqueous medium. The catalyst was prepared by reaction of Nickel Nitrate Hexahydrate (Ni (NO3)26H2O) and the Tannin-Chitosan support and undergoes several process such as hydrogenation to form Nickel-Tannin/Chitosan catalyst. The prepared catalyst was characterized using FTIR, XRD and SEM. The prepared Nickel-Tannin/Chitosan was used as catalyst for oxidative degradation of 0.5M phenol in aqueous medium. The catalytic performance of Nickel-Tannin/Chitosan was carried out by varying time, temperature(38ᵒC, 48ᵒC, 58ᵒC) and concentration of phenol. It was found that 98% of phenol was degrade at 58ᵒC which is the optimal temperature for the phenol to degrade in the presence of catalyst and Hydrogen peroxide(H2O2). This result shows that Nickel-Tannin/chitosan very useful as an effective catalyst for oxidative degradation of phenol.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Earth Sciences
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Date Deposited: 17 Dec 2017 04:51
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