General geology and mineralogy of limestone at Gua Subong, Gua Musang

Suresh Kumar A/L Murugaya, (2017) General geology and mineralogy of limestone at Gua Subong, Gua Musang. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Gua Subong is located at Subong, Gua Musang, with the coordinate of E 10155’ 15” - E 10158’ 00”, N 0457’ 30” - N 0455’ 15”. This limestone cave is at the height of 200 metres. The karst morphology found here such stalactite, stalagmite. and cave pillars. The limestone is greyish white with the presence of calcite mineral. There are two methods were done in order to study the mineralogy and petrography of limestone at Gua Subong. The two methods that were done are X - Ray Fluoroscence (XRF) and X - Ray Diffraction (XRD), in which both of them measure different things, each giving different information about the same sample. Two samples were collected from the cave and were brought to lab for the analysis of XRF and XRD. The results that were obtained varies from each of them. However, the mineralogy and chemical composition of the two samples are identified. The XRF analysis provides informations about the the intensity of X - Rays emitted by individual elements in the samples, irrespective of the different compounds present that may contain those elements. The concentration of the chemical compound, Calcium Oxide, Ca0 and the element, Calcium, Ca were the highest for Sample 1 and Sample 2, respectively. This shows that the element, Ca is in the highest percentage. Besides that, the XRD analysis delivers the informations of the minerals that are present, such the presence of chemical compound, Calcium Carbonate, CaCO₃, mineral calcite, C and the chemical compound, Silicon Dioxide, SiO₂ and the mineral quartz, Q respectively in the Sample 1 and Sample 2. These methods help to indicate the mineralogy of the rock samples and the type of rock. Thus, the presence of calcium carbonate and calcite, proves that the rock samples is a limestone and limestone have high amount of calcium carbonate and calcite in percentage.

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