Phytoremediation of iron from red soil by Ipomoea aquatica

Lim, Wai Liang (2017) Phytoremediation of iron from red soil by Ipomoea aquatica. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The presence of excessive heavy metal in soil has gained attention from public as it will accelerate human health issues and threaten the environment. Phytoremediation technique is more conducive and preferable technique in terms of monetary and effectivity. Mining activities in Kelantan surge up the iron contamination in soil, water and air. In this study, the potential of Ipomoea aquatica as iron hyperaccumulator has been investigated. The phytoremediation mechanism of Ipomoea aquatica were analysed by screening the amount of iron (Fe) accumulated in the leaf, shoot and root of Ipomoea aquatica plant via X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technique. The independent variable in this study was the iron (Fe) concentration levels induced on red soil, ranging from 50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg, 150 mg/kg to 200 mg/kg. After 40 days of exposure, the plants were harvested and segment accordingly for analysis. Results showed the maximum iron (Fe) accumulation (266.0 ± 4.770 mg/kg) was found on concentration level 150 mg/kg. Where the amount of iron (Fe) found in the root was 158.0 ± 6.083 mg/kg, followed by leaf (71.3 ± 2.443 mg/kg) and shoot (36.7 ± 1.572 mg/kg) [root > leaf > shoot]. There was a strong correlation between soil pH, organic matter, temperature and soil texture to the bioavailability of iron (Fe) in soil for plant uptake. Therefore, the above statements prove that Ipomoea aquatica which has phytoremediation characteristics could reduce the iron (Fe) contamination level in soil. Bioconcentration Factor (BCF) and Translocation Factor (TF) values also show vital relationship to the phytoremediation ability of Ipomoea aquatica. Based on the BCF and TF values, Ipomoea aquatica sh ows a great potential as iron (Fe) hyperaccumulator in applying phytoextraction and phytostabilization mechanisms.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Earth Sciences
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Date Deposited: 17 Dec 2017 04:52
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