General geology and geochemical analysis of Aring 10, Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Payah, Dafye Tony (2017) General geology and geochemical analysis of Aring 10, Gua Musang, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The geochemical analysis of stream sediment of Felda Aring 10, Gua Musang was mainly focused at two of main rivers within the area and its tributaries. The study area has two main rivers which are Sungai Lebir and Sungai Antia. The study area is located in Felda Aring 10, Gua Musang with coordinate of 102°26'52.908"E, 4°55'56.802"N. The study area covered 25 km2 which includes the entire palm plantation, hills and alluvial plain. The objectives of the research are to produce an updated map of Aring 10, Gua Musang, to perform the geochemical analysis of stream sediments in the study area, and to generate a geochemical map of the study area. The geology of the study area was determined by carrying out ground mapping to construct geological map. The study area is mostly covered by 4 types of lithology which are sandstone, sandstone interbedded with mudstone, limestone, and metasedimentary rocks. In order to carry out geochemical analysis, ten samples of stream sediment were collected to analyze five types of elements which are iron, barium, zirconium, manganese, and aluminum. The elements were all analyzed by X-ray Fluorescent machine. The most significant elements are iron with the highest concentration of 42.9 ppm followed by aluminium with the highest concentration of 8.45. The overall concentration of barium, zirconium, and manganese are low ranging from 0.20 ppm – 1.40 ppm. The high concentration of iron indicates that the study area is mainly covered by sediment iron bearing rocks.

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