Optimization of congo red dye removal using jackfruit peel as low cost adsorbent

Nur Syuhada Zulkifli, (2017) Optimization of congo red dye removal using jackfruit peel as low cost adsorbent. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Congo red dye is one of the carcinogenic of dye which can be affecting the human health and also the ecosystem of fresh water. This type of dye normally used in the textiles industry in the dye and rinsing process. The previous study had shown that adsorption is one of technology that most efficient in removing the pollutants from waste water. Commercial activated carbon had been used in this adsorption process but the production is high cost. So, there are many researcher try to find another alternatives such as produced the activated carbon from low cost of agricultural wastes. In this study, jackfruit peel was used as raw material because it has high carbocenous material. The activated carbon produced from the jackfruit peel was investigated under several parameters such as carbonization time, effect of contact time and initial concentration of dye. An amount of 0.5 g of best activated carbon removes 98.84% of 10 ppm dye with constant time 1 hour at 100 rpm. The best contact time was found to be at 1 hour because the removal percentage was decreasing as the contact of time increase. It also can be said that at 1 hour it has reached the equilibrium state which the active site becomes saturated. Other than that, the percentage removal also decreasing as the initial concentration of congo red dye solution increase. The initial concentration used start from 10 ppm until 100 ppm and the percentage removal was decreasing from 98.84% until 75.67%. The outcomes indicated that jackfruit peel can be used as a good low cost alternative for treatment of effluents containing congo red in synthesis waste water.

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