Water quality assessment on surface water and groundwater at Tanah Merah and Tumpat

Nur Syazwani Mohd Zukifli, (2017) Water quality assessment on surface water and groundwater at Tanah Merah and Tumpat. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Water is an essential element for all living things and is considered as one of the most delicate parts of the environment. The objectives of this study is to determine the physico-chemical and microbiological parameters of surface water and groundwater in Tanah Merah and Tumpat, Kelantan. The quality of surface and groundwater is identified in terms of its physical, chemical, and biological parameters. Seven physical parameters (temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), electrical conductivity (EC) and turbidity) were measured directly in-situ using a multi parameters probe Model YSI 556 MPS while water samples were collected and analysed for biological parameter (total coliform and Escherichia coli). Study on water table in the study area was also conducted using resistivity method. Based on National Water Quality Standard, Malaysia (NWQS) classification, pH, TDS, salinity, EC and temperature on river water at Tanah Merah and Tumpat were under class I category, while DO under class III at both location and turbidity in class V at Tanah Merah and class II at Tumpat. For groundwater, TDS, salinity, EC, DO, turbidity, temperature and Ph (Tumpat) were classified as class I. However, the pH at Tanah Merah was slightly acidic. According to WHO standard turbidity on surface water (Tanah merah and Tumpat), BOD, total coliform and faecal coliform on surface water and groundwater at both study area are exceed the acceptable limit. The water table at Tanah Merah does not found due to the condition of that site was slightly hilly area. While the water table at Tumpat was found within depth of 7 m to 13 m. Water quality on surface water and groundwater at Tanah Merah and Tumpat are safe for drinking, as long the residents boil the water first before used it.

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