A study on two step preparation of PCL80 hollow colloidosomes at different oil to water phase ratio

Nur Anis Nabila Mokhtar, (2017) A study on two step preparation of PCL80 hollow colloidosomes at different oil to water phase ratio. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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This thesis presents a study of PCL80 potential in the formation of microcapsules. The PCL80 microcapsules are solid or colloidosomes (hollow). Colloidosomes are one of the microcapsules used for microencapsulation. This study aims towards various microencapsulation including encapsulated cells for development of tissue engineering, encapsulated drug in medicine and fragrance for personal care products (Thompson et al., 2012; Williams et al., 1999). The PCL80 was referred to Polycaprolactone with Mn values of 80kg/moles were used. The heterogeneous solution containing microcapsules were formed using special instrument. After fully rotary evaporation, the emulsion was formed. This study was carried out using PCL80 as structural polymer, PVA and Sugar ester as surfactant. Previous study by Shahidan et al., 2013 demonstrated the two step solvent evaporation method. . The PCL80 colloidosomes were prepared using solvent evaporation method. Similar optimum condition such as varied oil to water phase ratio and different surfactant concentration of 1.5wt% PCL/ 1.2wt% PVA were applied to prepare PCL80/PVA and PCL80/S1670 and the result showed PCL80 highly potential for colloidosomes formation. The formation of hollow colloidosomes using sugar ester as the surfactants has distributed the smaller number average size. Meanwhile, PVA has showed larger number average size. As expected, the PCL80 colloidosomes were birefringence under cross polarised light. It occurred due to the stress applied during solvent evaporation (Shahidan et al., 2014).

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