Sesbania Grandiflora leave extract as the eco-friendly anti-fungal agent for wood.

Mohamad Syafiq Mat Said, (2017) Sesbania Grandiflora leave extract as the eco-friendly anti-fungal agent for wood. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The wood destroying fungal is one of the major problem in wood bio deteriorate. The chemical preservative has been used in order to preserve the wood. However, the chemical preservatives are lead to the environmental and human health issue. The study was conducted in order to substitute the uses of the chemical preservative. The Sesbania grandiflora leaves methanol extractive has high potential to use as the fungicide. The Sesbania grandiflora extractive is one of the organic agents that can inhibit the growth of the fungal. In this experiment were conducted three tests in order to give overview about the potential Sesbania grandiflora as the fungicide, which are the disk diffusion method to determine the MIC, the wood decaying test by the white rot and the physical properties such as thickness swelling and water absorption. In the study to determine MIC, the result indicated that the minimum inhibition concentration to inhibit the growth of Tratemes versicolor is 1000μg. While in decaying test, the rubberwood that treated with the Sesbania grandiflora extractive are show no difference with the rubberwood that treated with the commercial preservative in term of the percentage of weight loss, which is 6.28±0.31 and 6.33±0.5 respectively. The water absorption and thickness swelling of rubberwood were not affected by the treatment, the changes among the wood specimens showed insignificant different.

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