A study on the physico-chemical parameters in Sungai Ayer Lanas,Kelantan

Anis Suryati Khusairi, (2017) A study on the physico-chemical parameters in Sungai Ayer Lanas,Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The discharge of effluents from all kinds of anthropogenic activities such as industrial, agricultural and domestic pursuits into the riverine ecological systems can affect the living aquatic resources such as fish which are later consumed by human. Apart from that some drainage has been neglected it water quality monitoring which used by local people as their water resources and also maybe as it can give effect to that particular river status as it flow from the main polluted river. This study was carried out to identify the physico-chemical parameters as well as to make a comparison of it physico-chemical parameters between two sampling areas namely residential and vegetative areas at Sungai Ayer Lanas, Kelantan for a period of two consecutive months from July to September 2016. Sixty sampling stations were selected and triplicate at two sampling areas. Physico-chemical parameters were conducted in situ which is water temperature, pH, turbidity, conductivity, total dissolved solid (TDS), dissolved oxygen(DO) and salinity with the used of YSI multiprobe parameter (Model: 556 MPS, USA) and turbidimeter (Model: HACH 2100Q Turbidimeter, USA). Based on physicochemical parameters results of river water, indicate the water quality of Sungai Ayer Lanas is clean for domestic use as most of the parameters did not exceed the permissible limit. In this study, pH and turbidity it exceeds the permissible limit according to National Standard Water Quality for Malaysia which ranged between 7.00 to 8.00 pH and 300 to 400 NTU which revealed the usage of Sungai Ayer Lanas is not suitable as direct drinking supply as it may cause health problem as it enters the food chain by bio magnification process. Present research paper proved that the nearby river at residential area likely to affect the water quality due to some mankind activities going on. Through this study, it was found that authorities also must take part in improving the water quality at Sungai Ayer Lanas there as it can be used as the second water supply for residence in a crucial time.

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