Ancylostomiasis, Giardiasis and Isosporiasis in a domestic short hair cat in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Hasna Nadia Hasan Sazalli, and Intan Noor Aina Kamaruzaman, and Mohamed Reza Mohamed Tarmizi, and Ibrahim Abdul-Azeez Okene, and Rumaizi Shaari, and Pwaveno Huladeino Bamaiyi, (2016) Ancylostomiasis, Giardiasis and Isosporiasis in a domestic short hair cat in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. The Journal of Advances in Parasitology, 3 (3). pp. 75-80. ISSN 2311-4096

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A 6 months old domestic short hair cat named “Mok Tam” was presented to the Veterinary Clinic of the Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (KVUMK) with the complain of inappetance and vomiting. The history showed that the faeces was greenish-mucoid for 3 days before it was presented to KVUMK. On 3rd October 2014, “Mok Tam” was inappetant, dull and depressed. The owner noticed that Mok Tam was having watery diarrhea with brown yellowish faeces. After 4 days later, Mok Tam was still inappetant and there was presence of pasty greenish diarrhoea and vomiting. The cat was presented to KVUMK on 10th October, 2014. Upon physical examination, Mok Tam was dull and mentally depressed. The body weight was 1.3kg and temperature was 37oC (hypothermia), the heart rate was 108bpm which is lower than normal range indicative of bradycardia, and respiratory rate was normal. The Capillary refill time (CRT) and dehydration status was normal but the mucous membrane was pale. Further diagnostic workup was conducted and this was a case of Ancylostomiasis, Giardiasis and Isosporiasis. The cat recovered a week after therapy was instituted.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ancylostomiasis: Giardiasis: Isosporiasis: Domestic Short Hair Cat: Malaysia
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