Geology and geoheritage features of Bukit Panau Tanah Merah district Kelantan

Nur Hidayah Mohamed, (2016) Geology and geoheritage features of Bukit Panau Tanah Merah district Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The title of this project is geology and geoheritage features of Bukit Panau Tanah Merah district Kelantan. The study area is located between Tanah Merah district and Pasir Mas. The study area is bounded by latitude 50 52’ 30” N to 50 55’ 7.54” and longitude is 1020 8’ 52.3 “E to 1020 11’ 34.11”E. The objective of this study is to conduct systematic geoheritage studies in the study area. Beside, to propose the study ares, mainly for scientific, educational, and geotourism purpose. Through geological mapping, it can be seen that the lithlogy of rocks at study area are granite and sandstone. The major rock is sandstone because Bukit Panau is dominated by sandstone. From the stratigraphy coloum, the oldest rock is granite and the younger is sandstone. The period is from Triassic until resent. The geoheritage features in study area has been conducted through some general phases which is inventory, characterization, classification, assessment, and evaluation. An inventory is a primary work in geoheritage process which identifies a few localities or features that have tendency to be conserved. In characterisation, special attention was given on these features based on the detailed mapping and observation in the field, and supported by information from previous literatures. Next is classification, it was based on the geodiversity and scope as well as scale of the sites. Next is assessment .There are two approaches to assess potential geoheritege features which were used in this study: the qualititative method and quantitative method. Geoheritage evaluation serve as a tool for geoconservation and management of the potential geoheritage features in this study, the SWOT analysis was used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of potential geoheiitage features in the study area.

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