Geology and structural analysis at Dabong, Kuala krai,

Fatin Zulia Ardini Azhar, (2016) Geology and structural analysis at Dabong, Kuala krai,. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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This study is conducted at Dabong which is located at Kuala Krai, Kelantan. The objective of this research are to identify types of geology structure exist in the study area and to analyze geology structure. The study began with the interpretation of aerial photographs to determine the lineament structure of Dabong area and followed by field mapping. For the present study, several methods are used such as geological mapping and thin sectioning. Dabong composed of four type of lithologies which are andesite, slate, sandstone and limestone. All of these lithologies are grouped in Paleozoic era and Mesozoic era. Gua Ikan and Gua Pagar had karst features such as sinkholes, stalactites and stalagmites. Structure in Dabong would be analyzed based on field observation and stereonet analysis. Stereonet analysis and rose diagram was used as a method to know the direction of force (σ₃) and tension stress (σ₁). Normal fault was found both in small scale or even on a large scale. The direction of forces for lineament analysis are from the NNW-SSE of the study area. Besides that, the direction of force for normal fault is Southwest while the directions of the force for folding in the study area are NWN-ESE and WNW-SES. The structure of folding is determined based on change-oriented foliations formed in the study area. Joint can be found in all types of rock and five analysis of joint with different locations have been done to know the maximum stress force and minimum extensional stress force. The presence of tectonic structures such as lineation, fault, folding and joint proved that the study area has experienced a great deformation. In conclusion, the geological structure of the study area is composite and has experienced great tectonic.

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