General Geology and Groundwater level Trend in Domestic Shallow Well in Kemasin part of Bachok Kelantan

Mohd Syafiz Mat Desa, (2016) General Geology and Groundwater level Trend in Domestic Shallow Well in Kemasin part of Bachok Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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This research is about general geology and groundwater level trend in domestic shallow well in Kampung Kemasin Bachok in Kelantan.Hydrogeologic condition also known as conditions stemming from the interaction of ground water and the surrounding soil and rock This final year research is focus on hydrogeological study of the Bachok district area and mainly focused on the study of groundwater. Groundwater was a basic resource which the local people used every day. The study discussed about hydrogeological mapping of Kampung Kemasin,Bachok, Kelantan. The final year research was done in a study area in a part of Bachok district,Kelantan.Bachok sized estimated as large as an area of 72 km2 and it was located approximately 20 km South East of Kota Bharu. The study area mostly drained mainly by the meandering Kemasin River and its tributaries. The area composed of a large flat plain and soils belonging to the Bris complex which was comprised of about 82-99% sand. The study area covered the 10km square metre in sizes.The study area lies between latitude and longitude. The area is accessible for all type of transport such as bus, car motorcycle and other transportation.Bachok is one of the administrative districts or jajahan in the state of Kelantan. Pantai lrama beach is included in the study area. Therefore, 11 tube wells had been chosen for this study for the water level on August and December 2015 to represent the pre and post monsoon season.The purposes of this study are to study hydrological condition of Kampung Kemasin.The others objective of the study discussed on groundwater level and grain size in parts of Bachok. Groundwater is an important natural resource with high economic value and social significance. The supply of groundwater is limited and therefore its use should be properly managed based on the understanding of the hydrogeologic condition and its behaviour in order to ensure its sustainable use. Furthermore the aim of the study is to clarify seasonal variations on groundwater level changes in parts of Bachok. Groundwater habits and water level fluctuations depend on climatic conditions such as precipitation intensity, evapotranspiration, drainage, vegetation as well as other hydrological factors. The relationship between all of them and groundwater level fluctuations could also lead and give change for the geological and recent hydrogeologic condition.

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