General geology and major ions analysis in Kadok, lower part of Kota Bharu

Ahmad Amirul Faez Ahmad Nor Azmi, (2016) General geology and major ions analysis in Kadok, lower part of Kota Bharu. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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This research project mainly focused on two parts of studies which are the general geology geology of Kadok area which located at the lower part of the Kota Bharu and the study of groundwater flow by silica geothermometry as well as the water quality. The data were obtained when the geological mapping is done and the water sample as well as soil sample is collected in order to be analyzed. All the changes within the soil in the study area are collected and the grain size of the soil is analyzed and recorded. The geological map is done by analyzing the grain size of the soil whether it is sand, silt or clay. Hence, a new updated geological map is produced based on the changes type of soil. Groundwater is major source of fresh water in Kadok and it is used for domestic purpose among the villagers in the study area. Hence, a research of silica geothermometry is done in other to study the groundwater flow and the interaction of the water with the bedrock in study area. The silica concentration and the temperature chalcedony are very low and this shows that the water is very young as it is newly recharged by the surface water which is Sungai Kelantan. Besides, the water quality analysis is also done in order to study the major ions which are sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulphates, chloride and bicarbonates. Many methods have been conducted to determine the major ions concentration in the groundwater samples which are Inductive Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometiy (ICP-OES), gravimetric method, titration method, spectrophotometry method and colorimetric method. From the results, interpretation is done with the help of the graphs, charts, Piper Trilinear diagram, and Surfer 8 diagram. From the interpretation of groundwater quality, the groundwater is safe for daily uses such as drinking purpose. None of the ions are exceeding the standard permissible limit.

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