Karst geomorphology of Chiku 2 cave, Gua Musang, Kelantan as an analogue of subsurface carbonate reservoir.

Abdul Muiz Rosli, (2016) Karst geomorphology of Chiku 2 cave, Gua Musang, Kelantan as an analogue of subsurface carbonate reservoir. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Recent study shows that some features can represent an analogue of subsurface carbonate reservoir. This leads to this study of karst geomorphology and relate with carbonate reservoir. Karst geomorphology plays an important role as an analogue of subsurface carbonate reservoir. Karst geomorphology analogue is key elements in the understanding of reservoir structure. Karst tower in Felda Chiku 2, Gua Musang exhibit caves that eventually being called Chiku Cave. The formation of the cave leads to this study. A geological research was carried out in residential and palm tree plantation area in Felda Chiku 1 & 2, Gua Musang. The study covers 5x5 kilometre of the area. The objective is to show how effective the carbonate reservoir by implementing the study of karst. The study area which is Felda Chiku 2 has Gua Musang Formation. In conducting this study, tower karst features are being identified and analysed to get the understanding the processes of karst geomorphology. In completing this research, geomorphological mapping, geomorphological analysis, geological mapping, petrographic analysis and carbonate reservoir characterization methods are being applied. An updated map of the study area has been produced by using ArcGIS vl0.l to the scale of 1:25000. Karst and fluvial geomorphology exists in the study area. Petrographic analysis produce results to identify the rocks exists which are Andesite (igneous), Siltstone (sedimentary), and Limestone (sedimentary). Half of the tower karst can be access meanwhile the others half cannot be access due to no existence of caves on the other side. Chiku 2 Cave represents many types of speleothems to be study. The connectivity of each floor has been shown where there are seven floors. Karst tower consists of cave produce an analogue to a reservoir which has permeability and porosity. 3D model are used to modelling the karst into scale by using CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6. The porosity and permeability are being produced as the result. Karst study can be effectively being an analogue of subsurface carbonate reservoir.

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