Leucaena Leucocephala Biomass treated with Penton reagent as adsorbent for dye from contaiminated water

Muhammad Faisal Azizan, (2016) Leucaena Leucocephala Biomass treated with Penton reagent as adsorbent for dye from contaiminated water. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Nowadays there are many pollution occured around us. The pollution will give negative effect to living organisms. Most of the living organisms need water in their daily life. There are a lot of technique used to clean up wastewater such as reverse osmosis, evaporation, dilution, adsorption, and filtration. The objective of this study is to study the adsorption of Bromocresol Purple dye using Leucaena leucocephala biomass. There are more than 100,000 commercially available dyes with over 7 x 10⁵ tons of dyestuff produced annually and from 40,000 to 50,000 tons of dye are discharged to surface water by river and sea every year. Low cost and environmental friendly adsorbent has been used for removal of Bromocresol Purple dye from aqueous solution. Leucaena leucocephala is an agricultural material was used as new non-conventional and low cost adsorbent for the removal of dye which is Bromocresol Purple that can cause contamination to the water or other aqueous solutions. Batch adsorption studies were accomplished to evaluate and optimise the effect of each parameter including time, temperature, concentration of adsorbent solution, dosage of adsorbents, particle size of adsorbent and solution pH. Results showed that at 60 minutes with I20 °C temperature, pH 6, smaller particle size and high adsorbent dosage are favorable for the adsorption process to be carried out. Investigation of different equilibrium isotherms showed that the adsorption of Bromocresol Purple on Leucaena leucocephala takes place as the Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption.

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