Assessment on Host Plant of Rafflesia kerri in Lojing Highlands, Kelantan, Malaysia

Nasihah Bt Mokhtar, (2016) Assessment on Host Plant of Rafflesia kerri in Lojing Highlands, Kelantan, Malaysia. Masters thesis, Faculty of Earth Science .

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A comprehensive information on Tetrastigma sp., the host plant of Rafflesia kerri Meijer in Lojing highlands is crucial for the management and conservation of the species. Tetrastigma supplies nutrients and water to Rafflesia for survive in the forest. However, the current activities such as land clearing for agricultural practices, logging and others may affect the habitat of Tetrastigma which lead this study to be conducted. The objectives of the study are as follows; (i) to identify the host plant of R. kerri Meijer and (ii) to assess the ecology of host plant of R. kerri. In order to identify the species, morphological characteristics of plant was recognized using the article on Tetrastigma in Peninsular Malaysia by Latiff (1983). Leaf Transverse Section Method was used to assess the plant anatomy. Meanwhile, Walkley and Black’s (1934) Rapid Titration Method was applied to evaluate soil nutrients and BS1377:1975 Test 7 (B) Method was applied to evaluate soil texture. In this study, two species of Tetrastigma were identified, these are, Tetrastigma rafflesiae (Miq.) Planch. and T. hookeri (Laws.) Planch. The mean soil pH range of these two Tetrastigma is 4.58 ± 0.36. It shows the significant differences found on pH at different elevation, pH (F2,0.42 = 8.37, p <0.05). The highest number of bud populations is at 1200 m a. s. l with mean bud per month is 9 ± 5.86. There is significant different between bud and elevation, (t41 = 2.573, p <0.05, r = 0.59). The result also shows that the growing habit of Tetrastigma is climbing. In addition, Myrtaceae and Ebenaceae are two common families as the host of Tetrastigma. As a conclusion, this study was successfully recorded a new host plant T. hookeri, for R. kerri. The results from this study will be useful to related agencies in order to manage the gazetted 1000 ha of the Rafflesia Conservation Area in Lojing Highlands.

Item Type: UMK Thesis (Masters)
Faculty: Faculty of Earth Sciences
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Date Deposited: 17 May 2017 03:50
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