The chemical compositions of Grifola frodosa mycelium prepared by submerged fermentation

Chui, Meei Yie (2016) The chemical compositions of Grifola frodosa mycelium prepared by submerged fermentation. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Grifola frondosa. a traditional edible mushroom available in the market that obtained great interest. Both the fruiting bodies and the mycelium of G. frondosa have been reported to have potential biological activities. Submerged fermentation had to providing opportunities for increased exploitation of functional properties of G. frondosa. Submerged fermentation not only can grow mushroom biomass within short period of time, it also became popular approach to cultivate mushroom biomass that increased the exploitation of their functional properties.The aim of this study was to cultivate the G.frondosa mycelia using submerged fermentation and those mycelia were subjected to respective chemical analyses. The mycelia were cultivated using MCM for 14 days before harvested and preserved using freeze drying method. The yield of harvested G.frondosa mycelia was 4.33 ± 1.92%, compared to fruiting bodies (11.16 ± 1.64%). The ethanolic extraction yield of G.frondosa mycelia was 35.49 ± 1.32%, compared to fruiting bodies (37.07 ± 2.11%). The result for Total Phenolic Content in myelia was 15.13 ± 0.12 mg GAE/g while fruiting bodies was 44.53 ± 0.31 mg GAElg.The result for Total Flavonoid Content in myelia was 41.53 ± 0.23 mgQE/g while fruiting bodies was 29.73 ± 0.11 mg QE/g. The result for EC₅₀ values of mycelia was 22.69 mg/mL and fruiting bodies was 3.43 mg/mL. These findings suggest that G. frondosa mycelia obtained in submerged fermentation can also be, as its fruiting bodies, potential sources of antioxidant compounds as it displayed potent antioxidative properties in this study.

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