Aspek rajuk dan pujuk : analisis dramaturgi terhadap filem sayang Salmah (1992)

Mohammad Mahdi Abas , and Abu Hassan Hasbullah, (2015) Aspek rajuk dan pujuk : analisis dramaturgi terhadap filem sayang Salmah (1992). In: Prosiding Pascasiswazah FTKW 2014. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, p. 122. ISBN 9789675782824


Malay film takes coax-petulance phenomenon as integral elements in "the fictitious adventures of human relationships" and as crucial elements for the development of Malay films. This study tries to analyse the comparative phenomenon - coax petulance - in film Sayang Salmah (1992). This study also seek to understand the rhetorical and dramaturgical terms of meaning, form and content involving all elements such as psychological, phenomenal and antro-sociological which are closely associated in a common form of thought, attitude and behavior of the Malays. All of these elements will be studied to look into the aspects of the petulance and coax as texture, posture and gesture of the Malays. Visual manifestation will determine the patterns of Malay naivete in petulance and persuasion. Illogical, gross, subtle, beautiful, bad, serious, and others will be found in the study. The dramaturgical analysis includes three aspects of causality (cause and effect), setting time, and space.

Item Type: Book Section
ISBN: 9789675782824
Keywords: Malay Film - Independence Era - Emotion
Deposited By: En. Pahmi Abdullah
Date Deposited: 07 Jan 2016 09:25
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