Multi-level marketing (MLM) association factors of business income

Nur A’mirah Mohd Yaziz , and Nuur Sabiha Ismail, and Nurul Ashykin Abd Aziz , and Hasif Rafidee Hasbollah, and Zaimatul Awang, (2015) Multi-level marketing (MLM) association factors of business income. In: The Proceedings of The 4th International Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Business (ISEB 2015). Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business,UMK, pp. 675-685. ISBN 9789670955032


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Multi-level marketing (MLM) also known as network marketing is one of the strategy in marketing which motivates its participants to produce income not only from sales they generate but also the sales from other “Downline” participants that they recruited. Current practice of people involves in this marketing strategy is selling, supplying and distributing services or products through many levels of independent participants. Amway, Shaklee, Avon, Nu skin and Mary Kay are practicing the MLM business strategy to expand their business around the globe. In Malaysia, consumers have been exposed to all these types of products including local product brand such as D’Herbs, Dnars Skin Care, Beauty Umaira, etc. Lately, there are overwhelmed of health and beauty product in the market as people and consumer are very concerned about health and beauty. Since, many companies exist in the market as well as the product types, they need to compete among each other and take aggressive actions in order to sustain their brand in the market and business income. Therefore, the aims of this study is to determine this strategy association factors with business income. The survey was done to people who involved in MLM business around Kelantan focus in the health and beauty products. The findings concluded that length of experience in this business strategy has significant association with business income. In addition, participants that have clear target before join MLM, spend time and effort, have support from friends, have guide from upline participants and line members very cooperative with each others also have significant association with participant’s business income

Item Type: Book Section
ISBN: 9789670955032
Keywords: Business Income - Multi-level marketing (MLM) - Test of Association
Faculty: Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business
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