Adsorption of Heavy Metal from Water Using Petai Belalang Biomass

Hairel Amre Che Hamid, (2015) Adsorption of Heavy Metal from Water Using Petai Belalang Biomass. Undergraduate project report, Faculty of Earth Sciences. (Submitted)


Leucaena leucocephala or locally known as Petai Belalang is an agricultural material was used as new non-conventional and low cost adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal which is cadmium that can cause contamination to the water or other aqueous solutions. Batch adsorption studies were accomplished to evaluate and optimise the effect of each parameter including time, temperature, concentration of adsorbate solution, dosage of adsorbents, particle size of adsorbent and solution pH. As for the isothermic studies, Langmuir and Freundlich model were utilised to analyse the equilibrium data at different temperature. The experimental data fitted well with the Langmuir adsorption isotherm, means that indicating the monolayer adsorption of cadmium ions take place. The i monolayer adsorption capacity of Petal Belalang for cadmium ions was found to be 22.2479 mg/g at 30°C.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Earth Sciences
Call Number: SBN 2015 009
Supervisor: Dr Mohd Hazim Mohamad Amini
Programme: Geoscience
Deposited By: Mohd Suhairi Mohamad
Date Deposited: 15 Feb 2016 08:45
Last Modified: 15 Feb 2017 01:22

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