Analysis of Potholes at Lata Chenai,Jeli District,Kelantan

Nur Izzati Ahmad, (2015) Analysis of Potholes at Lata Chenai,Jeli District,Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The most important erosional features associated with knick points are potholes along Terang River at Lata Chenai, Jeli District. The process of abrasion of the bedrock from erosive currents inside the potholes, and vibration of pebbles and stones by the water, that gradually incised the holes deeper into the bedrock. There were two kinds of potholes namely laterally and vertically which carry along the sediments act as grinder to form bigger potholes. The objectives of the research are to produce updated and comprehensive geological map, to study geomorphology, petrography, and structural geology of the study area and to analyze potholes at Lata Chenai, Jeli. There were some of geomophorlogy and geological features namely knickpoints, rapid, fault, jointing and massive igneous rock which granite from Noring Granite in the study area. The method used for analysis of potholes by using potholes geometry measurements such as length maximum and minimum and also the depth of the potholes. An analysis of potholes to discover the trend of the statistic reveals that similar trend as the depth from upstream to downstream increases as to determine the paleocurrent direction of the channel. Therefore, the shape, size and the depth of potholes are affected by the flow of the channel from upstream to downstream as erosional agent to promote the erosional landsrane such ac potholes at the study area.

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