Geology and Petrographic Study of Kg. Tadoh area in Jeli, Kelantan

Nur Amelya Mohammed Jamal, (2015) Geology and Petrographic Study of Kg. Tadoh area in Jeli, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The Jeli area is composed of Tertiary sedimentary deposits underlying the Quaternary deposits. The Tertiary sedimentary rocks are divided into two formations, namely the Mangga Formation (Lower Carboniferous — Middle Permian) and Telong Formation (Late Permian — Upper Triassic). These two sedimentary formations are intruded with two versions of schistosed rock called Tiang schist and Taku schist. Based on field mapping, observations and sample analyses, an update version of the geological map of the area will be prepared. Significant amount of marble was found in this area, initially thought to be one of the major lithology in the area. Thin section analyses showed that the marble consisted of calcite with twin bands caused by deformation and accumulation of strains. Dolomite and sillimanite are also present in the marble.Tiang schist consisted of quartz, feldspars,lamellar minerals, such as muscovite, biotite, and chlorite, and hornblende. It also consisted carbonates and sillimanite. Taku Schist comprised of muscovite, biotite and quartz and dolomite. Based on the petrographic analyses, an attempt will be made to update the rock formations and to determine the relationship between themarble and the two types of schist found in the area.

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