Geology and structural analysis of Lata Renyok in Jeli District, Kelantan

Eiswary , Nadarajoo (2015) Geology and structural analysis of Lata Renyok in Jeli District, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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This study is titled "Geology and Structural Analysis of Lata Renyok Cascade in Jeli District, Kelantan". The aims of the study are (1) to produce a comprehensive geological map of the study area, and (2) to analyze the geological structures present in Lata Renyok. The study area studied lies between longitude 101°50'58" to 101°53'37" E and latitude 5°33'35" to 5°36'59" N. The methods used in this study are geological mapping, petrographic studies, stereographic and statistical analysis. The oldest outcrop exposed is phyllite outcrop, exposed as river outcrop in Pergau river and streams branching from it at Kampung Chegar Bedil. Homfels outcrop is exposed near TNB mini power station at Renyok waterfall. Biotite granite outcrop was exposed along the slope in the study area as well as intrusive veins on hornfels outcrops of Renyok waterfall. The main alluvial sediments are sourced from Pergao river, poorly sorted sediments Petrographically, this phyllite is made up of plagioclase, quartz, orthoclase and biotite. Petrographically, this hornfels contains quartz, plagioclase, homblend and biotite as essential mineral. At some horizons, they contain kyanite(?) as porphyroblast. Porphyritic texture of alkali feldspar was shows under the microscope. Besides alkali feldspar, quartz mineral was also present in abundance. Based on structural analysis, both conjugate fault and foliation were formed from the same deformation event, since the direction of force for both the structures analyzed are compressive force acting from NNE- SSW direction. In terms of continuity of the conjugate fault and foliation, the structures are not continuous regionally. This is because based on positive lineament analysis, compressive force which act regionally is either from E-W and NNW-SSE, neither being similar to the result from structural analysis.

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