General geology and petrography of volcanic rock in Bukit Gilat, Kuala Krai Kelantan

Nurfatin Che Samat, (2015) General geology and petrography of volcanic rock in Bukit Gilat, Kuala Krai Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The study area was part of Kuala Krai district with the coordinate from 102°08'56.41" E to 102°11'6.85" E and 05°34'11.35" N to 05°36'55.14" N. It was covered only 25km² of Kuala Krai area. The objectives done including the determination of volcanic rock types in the study area, producing a geological map of the study area and determination of volcanic rock based on its texture. In this study area, six's rock type has been identified, involving metamorphic, sedimentary and volcanic rock. The rocks are quartz-mica schist (metamorphic), sandstone, siltstone and shale which were interbedded (sedimentary) and lastly ignimbrite and andesite (volcanic). To fulfil this report, two methods have been applied. The first one was field observation and mapping, where the second one was laboratory work and analysis. Field observation and mapping was conducted within Bukit Gilat area where the types of volcanic rocks present were identified. Then, the sampling process has been done for each lithology present. Besides, all of the data collected during field mapping including streets, drainage, lithologic boundry, geological structures and others were exported using GIS application. With all of the data gathered, the geological map of the Bukit Gilat has been produced and geology of the area could be explained. In this research, petrography analysis using thin section and hand specimen has been done to determine the mineral present in the rock sample collected. The hand specimen was analysed to see the texture of rock and identify the mineral presents. All the mineral texture can be seen clearly under the polarize microscope. Here, all of the volcanic rocks present have been studied and determined. Next, from mapping, it shows the major force of the study area was West-East (W-E) and Northwest-Southeast (NW-SE).

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