Potential production biomass of donax canniformis under plant growth stimulant treatment

Nor Asmira Musa, (2015) Potential production biomass of donax canniformis under plant growth stimulant treatment. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Donax species widely recognized as high commercial value plant especially the part of stem and fiber content. However, the technique to produced this species planting material has not been explored. So, this study was done on the method of production of Donax canniformis planting material species under plant growth stimulant treatment for find out the effective method production biomass . About 60 samples of rhizome planting materials were experimented using plant growth stimulant, the Seasol Seaweed Concentrate Stimulant.After the rhizomes were planted, the quatitative characteristic of plant height, plant girth , leaves numbers, leaves length and leaves width were calculated. The temperature data of nursery surrounding were taken from the day one until last data of experiment. The rate of Donax canniformis growth determined by comparing between plant under growth stimulant and without growth stimulant treatment using independent t-test . Besides that , the economic evaluation of the Donax canniformis was estimated based on extrapolated growth model using on individual plants growth under growth stimulant treatment . The study shown significant different between comparision of growth stimulant treatment , where Donax canniformis with growth stimulant treatment show the high rate of grow instead of plant without growth stimulant treatment,the result proven by the independent t-test, which show the significant differences between two treatment (p<0.05). Then, biomass of Donax canniformis produced was estimated through extrapolated growth model of regression statistical analysis between individual plant height and girth over the period of growth. The result indicated the 100m2 surface area of biomass estimation Donax canniformis from plant growth stimulant treatment generated high economic and commercial value in a year and half about RM1500.00 when planting at 0.01 ha of nursery .

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