Study on the potential of banana waste as adsorbent for dye removal

Muhamad Najmi, Mohd Zamri (2015) Study on the potential of banana waste as adsorbent for dye removal. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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his thesis present a potential to utilized waste such as agriculture waste to become a beneficial product. In Malaysia, one of the largest plantation was banana plantation. The main problem was the banana only cultivate for fruit and the other part of banana normally being end as waste. To overcome this problem, this research going to study the potential of banana waste as adsorbent for dye removal. The batik industry wastewater used in this research because normally the batik industry wastewater released to the environment without being treated and lastly the batik industry wastewater can harm the environment. Three different part of banana waste were studied in this research that were stem. peel and petiole for being used as adsorbent for removal of three different dye from the batik industry wastewater, first was Methylene Blue, second Malachite Green and the lastly was the Congo Red. Two parameters being studied that were the effect of contact time and adsorbent dose. The experimental result showed, for Methylene Blue dye the optimum condition were 18 hour contact time with 2.0 g adsorbent dose by using stem. Same goes to Malachite Green, by using stem as adsorbent at 18 hour contact time and 2.0 g adsorbent dose was the most suitable condition for the removal of Malachite Green. Lastly for the Congo Red, 12 hour contact time with 1.5 g adsorbent dose by using petiole produce the best condition for the removal of Congo Red from the wastewater. This study can conclude that stem have the highest potential to be used as dye adsorbent compared to the peel and petiole.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
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Date Deposited: 28 Dec 2015 07:54
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