Optimization of medium component for cellulase production from bacillus cereus

Muhammad Akmal , Ibrahim (2015) Optimization of medium component for cellulase production from bacillus cereus. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Bacillus cereus is a bacteria that can produce cellulase enzyme. Cellulase is an enzyme that widely used in pharmaceutical, detergents, and pulp and paper industry. Due to variety uses of cellulase, there are high demand of this enzyme for industrial uses. In order to increase the production of this enzyme there are many research has been conducted to optimize the production of this enzyme. One of the method to increase the production of cellulase is by using Placket Burman Design (PBD). Based on this experiment, sucrose is the most important sources for production of cellulase enzyme. Besides, peptone and yeast extract also important for cellulase production. The result from PBD show media that produce highest amount of cellulase is a media that composes 1g of sucrose, 0.05g of glucose, 2g of peptone, 2g of yeast extract, 0.25g of ammonium nitrate, 0.5g of magnesium sulphate, and 0.10g of ferum sulphate. After PBD screen the most important sources for media production, Central Composite Design (CCD) was conducted to prepare new media. Result from CCD shows the highest cellulase production of cellulase is media that composes 2g of glucose, 3g of peptone and 3g of yeast extract. In conclusion, the uses of Placket Burman Design can optimize he production of enzyme. Based on this study the enzyme activity are increase as much Is 29% after the optimization process using Central Composite Design (CCD)

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