Extraction of tannin (proanthocyanidins) from sapodilla fruit (manilkara zapota)

Jassninanabila Aliah, (2015) Extraction of tannin (proanthocyanidins) from sapodilla fruit (manilkara zapota). [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The Sapodilla was a member of the family Sapotaceae. From this study, the Tannin (Proanthocyanidins) compound from Sapodilla fruit is extracted by using freeze drying. Freeze drying produces Tannin in form of powder form. Tannin contain high Proanthocyanidins content, which the main component in Tannin. Tannin extract has high anti-microbial properties which form clear zone when test with gram negative bacteria Escherichia coli. Besides that, Tannin also has anti-oxidadant properties when test with DPPH Assay. HPLC analysis shown that the percentages of Tannin decreased as the ripening of the fruit increased, at the same time, as the Tannin percentages decreased the percentages of Gallic acid increased. The statistical analysis shown the signicant values were 0.000 for clear zone data, 0.068 for antioxidant data, and 0.000 for HPLC data.

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