Study on birth weight and pre-weaning growth pattern in boer kids

Syahirah Md Yusuf, (2015) Study on birth weight and pre-weaning growth pattern in boer kids. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The data gained on body weight at birth weight (BW), 1 (Wt. 1), 2 (Wt. 2), and 3 (Wt. 3) months of age of 20 Boer kids from 12 Boer does were recorded according to factors involved in growth performance of Boer kids which are parity of mother, sex and litter size of kids. There were 2 Boer kids which from parity 1, 3 Boer kids from parity 2, 11 Boer kids from parity 3, and 4 Boer kids from parity NI. In addition, there were also 11 male and 9 female kids and 6 kids born as single whereas 8 kids were born as twin and 6 kids were born as triplet. The means of BW, Wt. 1, Wt.2, and Wt. 3 for parity 1 were 2.65, 9.00, 15.45, and 22.00 respectively, whereas from parity 2 were 2.70, 9.08, 15.63, and 22.00 in the same age groups. From parity 3, there were 2.52, 8.72, 15.00 and 21.37 respectively and from parity >4 there were 2.55, 9.08, 15.93 and 22.5 respectively for BW, Wt. 1, Wt.2, and Wt. 3 of age. For the sex effect, means of BW, Wt. 1, Wt.2, and Wt. 3 for male were 2.62, 9.12, 15.89, and 22.54 respectively whereas means for female were 2.50, 8.57, 14.63 and 20.80 in the same age groups. As for the single born kids the means were 2.77, 9.18, 15.78, and 22.32 for BW, Wt. 1, Wt. 2, and Wt. 3 respectively and means for kids born as twin were 2.51, 8.76, 15.21, and 21.49 in the same age groups. For the means of kids born as triplet were 2.43, 8.70, 15.02, and 21.55 for BW, Wt.1, Wt. 2, and Wt. 3 accordingly to the age. Significant differences (P<0.05) associated with parity of mother were observed and there were identified that the value are more than significant level (P<0.05). For the significant differences of sex of kids, there were observed at Wt. 1, Wt. 2, and Wt. 3 and there were identified as highly significant differences (P<0.01). On the other hand, there were no significance difference (P<0.05) for body weight of kids due to single, twin or triplet kid born effect.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Year Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Agro - Based Industry
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Date Deposited: 13 Jul 2015 02:25
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