Designing a Suitable Landscape Areas for Tiger Habitat in Jeli

Muhammad Arief Mat Shukri, (2013) Designing a Suitable Landscape Areas for Tiger Habitat in Jeli. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Malayan tigers (Panthera tigris jacksoni) are currently hunting toward extinction. The primary threats facing this species are habitat loss and fragmentation as a result of human-tiger conflict, agricultural, logging and other human development, retaliatory killing by farmers for attacks on livestock and wire snares used to target various species ofwildlife. Jeli districts are well known for the issues of human-tiger conflicts. Within the Jeli areas itself, we could not determine exactly where the Malayan tigers live in. The conflicts arise between human and tigers due to this uncertainty. Instead of that, we could not determine where the suitable areas for tigers' conservation in Jeli are. This study incorporates Mark Rayan's finding on tiger monitoring study in Gunung Basor Forest Reserve, Jell (2007) into a suitable landscape areas for Tiger Habitat in Jeli using Geographical Information System (GIS). Within the Jeli districts, there are all together four reserve forests can be found within the areas. They are the Jeli Forest Reserve, Gunung Basor Forest Reserve, Sungai Sator Forest Reserve and Stong Utara Forest Reserve. All of the reserve forests were evaluated to locate the suitable landscape areas for tigers' habitat. Finally, based on all of the criteria used in determining the suitable landscape areas such as elevation, river systems, vegetation for cover and buffer zone, the chosen landscape areas were created. More studies on there abundance abundance and latest land use in Jeli should be conducted to strengthen this project.

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