Application of biological control to prevent siput gondang emas, pomocea sp.

Nur Hayati Mahmudin, (2014) Application of biological control to prevent siput gondang emas, pomocea sp. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The Golden Apple Snail (GAS) is now the major pest of the paddy plantation in Malaysia and can spread all over the place through irrigation and flood. In general, the snail was damaging to rice seedlings only during the early stages of growth. For this reasons farmers use the pesticide approach to eradicate the snails. Eventually, the usage of pesticides such as molluscicide has been restricted to minimize environmental pollution and conserve the natural enemies GAS. Therefore, as to concern over food security and sustainable environment, this study was conducted to see the biological control operation of the golden apple snail by releasing the biological control agents. The study is conducted in an area of Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. The biological control agents are released in selected plots of paddy field and the most effective biological control agents are determined by calculating the number of snails before and after the biological control agents released into the treatment area. Biological control consisted of duck herding recommended at a density of 5 — 10 ducks/ha. Khaki Campbell ducks are applied in the treatments area. Other than that, the freshwater turtles also can be introduced as biological control agents to eradicate the snails. Turtle from the species C. amboinensis is recommended as the control agent. The research shows the positive result using the ducks instead of the turtles.

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