Short term effect of classical music (beethoven) on the growing of mung bean plant (vignaradiata (l.) wilczek)

Ain Norhuda Ajahar, (2014) Short term effect of classical music (beethoven) on the growing of mung bean plant (vignaradiata (l.) wilczek). [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Classical music especially Beethoven symphonies has so many positives effects towards human health. Besides, it is found to benefit plants. Beethoven symphony can be a good approach of increasing the growth rate or plant healthy of mung bean plant instead of using fertilizer and pesticide. The purpose of this research is to determine the short term effect of classical music (Beethoven) on the growth of mung bean plant on various parameters of plant growth such as seed germination, leave number, leaf area, root length, whole mung bean plant fresh weight and whole mung bean plant dry weight. Mung bean plants has been decided to be used in this study as they grow fast, easy to grow and also easy to be handled. The experiment have been conducted with every each treatment is exposed to a different sound volume,which is for low, medium and high volume sound of classical musicBeethoven symphonyand also without sound of Beethoven symphony for the control treatment. The sound volume of classical music Beethoven symphony is 50dB (L), 70dB (M) and 90dB (H) respectively and 40dB (C) for control treatment. The experiment is design in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with nine replications. The result shows that there are effect of the classical Beethoven symphony on the certain parameter of theming bean plant growth such as length of root. fresh weight, number of leave and leaf area of mung bean plants. However. the result also shows the negative effect on parameters such as seed germination and dry weight. Overall result shows that the high sound volume gives a positive effect on mung bean plants.

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