Characteristics of leucaena leucocephala species as wood pellet for biomass energy sources

Phwan , Chai Kee (2014) Characteristics of leucaena leucocephala species as wood pellet for biomass energy sources. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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In the current past few decades, the dependence of the people towards the non-renewable energy such as fossil fuel and natural gas are rapidly rises in the urbanization of industrial, agriculture, domestic and pharmaceutical activities. Biomass energy is a green alternative energy to be arising up recently due to its attribute as environment friendly and promote sustainable development. Leucaena leucocephala is commonly known as "Petai Belalang" in Malaysia. In this study, the stem portions of Leucaena leucocephala had been divided into three portions which are Bottom, Middle and Top; two particle sizes in wood pellet which are 0.5mm and 1.5mm. The six pellets samples produced were determined by their proximate parameters (moisture content, volatile matter, ash content and fixed content), physical characteristics (specific gravity, bulk density, durability, length and diameter) and energy content. The results of proximate analysis of stem portions showed a significant outcome in ash content within the six pellets samples whereas all of the parameters are remarkable different in the particle sizes within the pellets samples. For physical characteristics analysis, both the factors were showed obviously different in specific gravity, bulk density and length. The highest calorific value is performed by pellet samples of Middle 0.5mm with 20.58 MJ/Kg. Both the calorific value in portions and particle sizes were proved significantly different. There were 35 pairs of variables in correlation showed either positively or negatively linear relationship to each other. Based on the overall results, the portions and particle sizes in wood pellets had caused the effects to the proximate and physical characteristics as well as calorific value, respectively.

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