A study on the factors affecting the hatching success of river terrapin (Bat Agur affinis) egg in artificial pond

Yamuna Kasinathan, (2014) A study on the factors affecting the hatching success of river terrapin (Bat Agur affinis) egg in artificial pond. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The Batagur affinis is southern river terrapin, a type of turtle under the Batagur family found in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia. In Malaysia, this species is found in large river with noticeable number in Perak, Terengganu and Bukit Penang, Kedah River. The Batagur aifinis considered threaten and endangered species in 2009 IUCN, REDLIST and CITIES. Wildlife conservation centre at Bota Kanan, Per is the largest conservation centre in Malaysia and was established in 1968. The purpose of the •establishment of this centre is to conserve and maintain the river terrapin population by rearing in •artificial ponds. This study aimed at to identify the factors affecting the hatching success of river terrapin's egg while rearing in artificial pond. There are many factors related to the rate of unsuccessful hatching such as death hatchling in nest, weak hatching due to the immature egg, egg predated by other organism and yolkless eggs which contain blood spot only. The experiments were carried out by analyzing parameter based on nest site selection, food preference during ovulations time, and predation by other organism and environmental factors (soil temperature and water quality) in the pond site. The targeted factors were obtained through the data of field observation and laboratory analyzes. The results of our study indicated that the terrapin's eggs under a sandy soil of 12 cm depth with temperature of 32°C, healthy nutritional dietary intake during ovulation time, and precautionary measures of hatchery site from predation by other organism are the factors for a good hatching success of Batagur affinis's egg. Our study could be helpful for terrapin conservation centre especially in breeding of river terrapin in artificial ponds.

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