Effect of age and sex on the carcass characteristics of ikta quail (coturnix coturnix japonica)

Muhamad Syafiq Aiman Alias, (2014) Effect of age and sex on the carcass characteristics of ikta quail (coturnix coturnix japonica). Undergraduate project report, Faculty of Agro Based Industry. (Submitted)


A total of 30 IKTA quails were given standard diet and slaughtered in accordance with their respective age groups of the 36-42 days, 43-49 days and 50-56 days. Quails were then slaughtered in the right way and the blood left flowed into the cup provided for 4 minutes. Then, the quail was cut into desired parts like head, legs, thighs, viscera, and feathers, and carcass. Regardless of sex, the results show increasing age in line with the increase in weight. No significant difference in dressing percentage was observed between males and females, but the more it gets older, as a result male is higher than female. Dressing percentage increase and decrease visceral content linked to age of the quail. Age and sex had no significant effect on the rate of blood, head, hair, and feet. Breast increased in parallel with age, with females recorded a slightly higher reading.

Item Type: Undergraduate Final Project Report
Faculty: Faculty of Agro - Based Industry
Call Number: SBH 14002
Supervisor: Prof. Madya Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin
Programme: Animal Husbandry Science
Deposited By: En. Wahyudi Yusra Zulfin
Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2015 04:22
Last Modified: 16 Feb 2017 02:39
URI: http://umkeprints.umk.edu.my/id/eprint/3705

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