Geology and geomorphology of Kg Slow Pak long, Kuala Krai

Zatil Hoesna Che Nazir, (2013) Geology and geomorphology of Kg Slow Pak long, Kuala Krai. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The study mainly focused on Geological mapping and geomorphology of Kg Slow Pak Long, Kuala Krai Kelantan. Kg Slow Pak Long was identified to be part of Gunong , Rabong formation. From the field observation and geological mapping, three types of lithology in the study area were identified as (1) Interbedded sandstone, shale and siltstone (2) sandstone and (3) mudstone. Petrographic analysis of shale, siltstone and mudstone support the evidence of these rock types. Geomorphological study of KSPL particularly fluvial geomorphology, weathering and landform deals with the geomorphic classification and processes that give shape to the earth surface. Dendritic network of Teku and Kah river in KSPL indicates of no strong geological control over the stream while the meandering pattern of the river reflects the stream processes involved. Three types of weathering involved in KSPL are biological weathering, chemical weathering and physical weathering. The landform of KSPL were classified as undulating, rolling, hilly, and steep to very steep. The steepness of the slope results the formation of rills, colluvial and other features which reflects the landscape of KSPL. Understanding and mapping geomorphology therefore can be seen as fundamental basis to the classification and processes that give shape to the earth surface. Much of the previous works regarding geomorphology and geology study emphasizes on the general term or in general scale rather than the local scale. Analogical and topographic maps available are difficult to read as they are large amount of information and great numbers of symbols associated with different landforrn. To fill in the gap, this study is assisted by providing data in geomorphological maps and GIS data analysis where it is easier to decipher for the reference to the future research.

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