Diversity and distribution of moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) in Jeli district, Kelantan

Foong, Ker Ean (2014) Diversity and distribution of moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) in Jeli district, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The diversity and distribution of the macro moths were investigate in a hill dipterocarp forest, lowland dipterocarp forest and an agriculture landscape, using modified Pennsylvanian light traps. The study was conducted in Jeli Kelantan in September till October 2013, a total of 161 species from 672 individuals and 12 families were recorded. The overall species diversity index for the macromoths was high for Agro Park University Malaysia Jeli Permanent Forest Reserve, and Gunung Stong State Park. There was no significant difference in morphological species richness and abundance but there was a difference in diversity between sites, with very low EID The lowland dipterocarp forest of Jeli Permanent Forest Reserve was zed by the dominance of Biston lnsularis (Family: Geometriidae). The hill dipterocarp forest of Gunung Stong State Park has recorded with high abundancy of Daphnusa ocellaris (Family: Sphingidae). Meanwhile, the crop interior of University Malaysia Kelantan Agropark was characterized by the atom ance of Daphnusa ocellaris (Family: Sphingidae). The result indicates that Cyana peromata (Family: Archtiidae), Biston insularis (Family: Geometridae). and lulotrichia decursaria (Family Geometridae) shows preference for lowland dipterocarp forest, while Daphnusa ocellaris (Family: Sphingidae), Eudocima phalonia (Family: Noctuidae) were more biased towards hill Dipterocarp forest and Daphnusa ocellaris (Family Sphingidae), and Acosmeryx shervillii (Family: Sphingidae) were abundantly encountered in an agricultural landscape.

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