The food preference and the first feeding experience of babigur vinis in artificial pond

Chin, Sut Kiy (2014) The food preference and the first feeding experience of babigur vinis in artificial pond. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The purpose of this paper was to study the food preference and the first feeding experience of juvenile terrapins in River Terrapin Conservation Centre, Bota Kanan, Perak. The Baiagur affinis was the large terrapin species which abe to reach a maximum shell length of approximately 60 cm and listed as threatened or endangered species. The best "points of access" to recover the population of Balagur ajfinis was the conservation of their nesting areas that critical to ensure the survival of juvenile terrapins in early stages. Besides monitoring nesting sites activities which was generally the opportunity to determine their wild population numbers, effort should he conducted to study the effect of first feeding behaviour of juveniles to ensure the good health when they were small. This paper examines the food preference which including proteins and vegetables and the first feeding experience juvenile terrapins by studying their growth response. Data was collected to determine which of the three diets could result in optimal health and growth of the juvenile terrapins. The effects of three different diets on terrapin growth were examined. fence, the recommendations of food supply and the understanding of first feeding behaviour could better protect, restore and create healthy conditions for growth of juvenile terrapins.

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