Comparative Behavioral Study of OrangUtan Pongo Pygmaeus in Captive and Natural Habitat

Mohamad Hafizi Mat Lazim, (2013) Comparative Behavioral Study of OrangUtan Pongo Pygmaeus in Captive and Natural Habitat. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) are endangered species with very limited distribution in Borneo, Sumatra and Kalimantan. The main purpose of this study to determine the daily behavior of orangutans in ex-situ program of the Taiping Zoo (captive condition) and compare it with the Orangutans behavior of Bukit Merah at a semi natural habitats. Daily behavioral observations of orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) was carried out by collecting data on the resting behavior such as sleeping, sitting idle and laying down. Second posture of the locomotion such as quadrupedally, bipedally and brachiation. Third postures was on the playing behaviors based on playing alone, with tool and with other animal. The last posture was about the feeding behaviors which divided into tolerance, intolerance and sharing. The observation data was collected from 0700 until 1900 the time when the orangutan wake up and sleep. The method used for this study was the focal time sampling of behavioral observation. The results of this study indicates a significant difference of behavioral pattern of orangutans in their semi natural habitat with orangutans in captive condition. The observation period was from November 2012 to January 2013. The findings of the study showed that animal which living in the semi-natural habitat was more successful in the surviving skills rather than animal living in captive conditions.

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