Geological mapping of Laokta, Jeli and development of gabion wall spreadsheet calculator

Safwan Fathi Ab Latif, (2013) Geological mapping of Laokta, Jeli and development of gabion wall spreadsheet calculator. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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The demand of urbanization had forced the mother nature to be explored and utilized. Many hilly area were turns completely into flat land for the purpose of construction especially for the construction of highways and buildings. Natural slope were escavated and trimmed and turned in artificial slope by the help of the technology and retaining wall. In the slope stability case, one way to stabilized the slope was by installing the retaining wall onto the slope that was escavated of weak slope so that it will retain it shape without sliding down. There are many type of retaining wall that can be used to support the slope and it will be discussed further in this research. The objective of this research was to provide the geological understanding about the study area in order to be used in designing the best type of retaining wall especially to the area of weak and escavated artificial slope. Map of geological of the study area will be produced to achive the objective. After that, the result can be used in the calculation of the lateral earth pressure in the process of designing the retaining wall. The method used in carried out this research including identifiying problem, literature review, data collection from the fieldwork and government agencies are crucial and helps much in the research process. Based on the mapping result at Lakota area, the rock found are said to be felsic rock aged of Triassic and are also believe to be succession of the Kemahang Granite. Overall, the study achived its target and geological map of Lakota area was produced and the gabion retaining wall calculator also has been generated.

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