General geoloay and geochemical prospecting analysis using gis in Pulai, Gua Musang, Kelantan

Nor Faizah Saudin, (2013) General geoloay and geochemical prospecting analysis using gis in Pulai, Gua Musang, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Pulai, Gua Musang is one of the gold mineralization region in state of Kelantan which is occurred and expended over the Central belt of Penisular Malaysia. This research was done to determine the geology and potential of mineral resource in the study area by analysis geochemistry prospect with GIS application. The study area fall in between the latitude of (4° 41' 20 ") to (4' 43' 55 ") and longitude (101° 52' 20") to (101° 55' 0") where it is located in Gua Musang Formation and consist of different lithology that is made up of argillo-arenaceous sediments with intercalated volcanic and limestone aged Permo-Triassic. The main objective of this research is to produce a geological map of the study area, to determine the region which economic and valuable mineral potential and last objective is to generate a prediction map of mineral element. To achieve the objective, few method have been applied such as the work of geological mapping, AAS technique , petrographic and study of thin section and integrate in analysis data using GIS. The integrity in analysis data using GIS application. Fieldwork in geological mapping were collect data and produce geological map while AAS analysis was done to determine the concentration of ore minerals in the stream sediment sample and data were further analysis and integrated by using GIS application. Petrographic study was carried out to determine the minerals composition of the sample. From the observation and research, Pulai was dominated by four type of lithology which were identify as (1)volcanic rock which is made up andesite and rhyolite (2) metamorphic rock; slate (3) sedimentary rock ;limestone and (4) alluvium. Geochemistry analysis show the presence of eight elements of minerals that are focus in this study which were Zn,Mg,Mn,Cu,K,Pb,As and elements of Iron (Fe) which the dominated the study area. Base on this outcome, the result were used to generate prediction map of mineral elements as a good sign in exploration. By referring to the elements of minerals association with gold like Cu,Pb,As and Zn, the potential area can be determine by overlying the prediction map of the element. Hence, an area which has potential of gold and it is good as the input and insight into the exploration model.

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