Screening and isolation of microorganisms producing lignin-degrading enzyme

Ho, Nee Khing (2013) Screening and isolation of microorganisms producing lignin-degrading enzyme. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Lignin is a complex chemical compound found in all vascular plants, mostly between the cells, but also within the cells, and in the cell walls. Lignin creates the main problem in pulp and paper industry results in the pollutions of environment. It cause by the bleaching process in pulping industry. Pulp and paper industry are always interested in finding a new, cheaper, green environment and more effective ways to eliminate lignin out from the plant to obtain cellulose fibers. Lignin degrading microbes and enzymes is characterized. This research was carried out and the process was separated into two phases, which include screening and isolation of lignin degrading enzyme and characterization of lignin degrading enzyme. Screening process was done using selective agar with substituted carbon sources by using lignin. For those microbe can grow on selective agar was considered lignin degrading microbe. In terms of characterization of lignin degrading microbe, morphological test and biochemical test were carried out. There are two tests in morphological test which include gram staining and endospore staining. While three tests are carry out for biochemical test, which include starch hydrolysis, catalase test, and Acid-fast staining. The selected lignin degrader will be further tested on the effect of various carbon sources on the bacteria cell propagation. In this research, the identified bacteria were Corynebacterium Xerosis through morphological and biochemical test. On the other hand,glucose gave the best effect on bacteria cell propagation due to its simple sugar compound and it is easy to break down and easy to utilize by bacteria compared to other carbon compounds.

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