Preliminary study on masculinisation of brine shrimp, anemia salina by using ubi jaga, smilax myosotoflora A. DC.

Nik Nadiah Mustaffar Bakri, (2013) Preliminary study on masculinisation of brine shrimp, anemia salina by using ubi jaga, smilax myosotoflora A. DC. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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This research paper is focused on the effect of Ubi Jaga, Smilax myosotiflora aquaculture field in sex reversal technique on producing male fish in aquaculture by using brine shrimp, Artemia salina L. Smilax myosotiflora A. DC. plant from family p Smilacaceae is a Malaysian native herbplant which traditionally y indigenous folk used b for its aphrodisiac effects. Sex reversal is important in ornamental fish industry because the male has the superior characteristics, more preferable and has high demand from customers. This is because of the beautiful appearance is more attractive compared to the female. Therefore, S. myosotiflora as a natural herb with aphrodisiac effect is studied to be used as an alternative ways of sex reversal technique compared by using chemical or hormone. In order to study the toxicity of S. myosotiflora and testing it aphrodisiac effect in producing monosex or sex reversal into masculinisation (male), the Anemia salina L. bioassay is used. Artemia is the most suitable organism to test the toxicity and masculinity effect of the plant because it is usually used as early step in research conducted due to short time taken and easily to produce. The experiment used various concentrations of S. myosotiflora i.e 0.0 g/L (control), 0.2 g/L, 0.4 g/L, 0.6 g/L, 0.8 g/L, 1.0 g/L. The Artemia nauplii are exposed to the plant extract for 21 days to test the potential effect of S. myosotiflora in producing male Artemia. Based on the research, 0.2 g/L shows the highest mortality rates of Artemia that is 70% exceeding 50% mortality. The mortality rates decreases when the concentrations increases from 0.4 g/L, 0.6 g/L, 0.8 g/L and 1.0 g/L with mortality 45%, 25%, 22%, and 20%. It shows that the herb is safe to be used in the sex reversal technique. Besides, there are also positive result shows in producing all male Artemia with overall means percentage is 98.28% male Artemia. The higher the concentration of S. myosotiflora, the lower the mortality rates of Artemia. Besides, it also shows fast and high growth rates with high concentration of the plant. In addition, the herb also can be used as alternative feed in the aquaculture field. 0.8 g/L and 1-3 mm normal size of 1.0 g/L of plant extract shows positive result with low mortality and fast growth rate. The Anemia has achieved 4-12 mm body length in 5 days compared to 1- in Anemia. Therefore, further studies needed to test the potential of the S producing all male fishes for sex reversal technique.

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