General geology and geoheritage potential of Gunung Reng Area, Jeli, Kelantan

Nur Hannani S.Ali, (2013) General geology and geoheritage potential of Gunung Reng Area, Jeli, Kelantan. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Unique geological feature or geological landform can always attract geologists to do their survey and research. In Malaysia, a unique geological feature and landform is rarely found. A study carried out in Batu Melintang has revealed a hidden trove of rich geological heritage resource. Though the local people designated it as a `gunung' (the Malay word for `mount'), it is not a mount in the true definition but it is actually a karstic hill towering above the flat alluvial topography. Gunung Reng area composed varieties type of rocks and is identified by conducting a geological mapping. Gunung Reng made up of metamorphosed limestone (marble) sitting on the intrusive body (granitic rocks) and surrounded by quaternary alluvial deposits. The geological landscape and geological features that form in the area offer geoheritage values such as scientific, aesthetic, recreational and cultural values. It also possesses geotourism potential that can attract interests of geoscientists and general public. Another attraction of the area is the Pergau River (the main and the largest river in the district of Jeli) flowing through the south of the hill which significantly beautify the area. Some methods are applied in order to know the geology of the study area such as field observation, geological mapping, and also geoheritage mapping in order to know the geoheritage values of Gunung Reng area. The outsiders especially students can make Gunung Reng as one of the educational site in order to improve their scientific knowledge.

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