Geological mapping at Sokor area with emphasize on slope stability

Abdul Hadi Shaik Mohamad Yusof, (2013) Geological mapping at Sokor area with emphasize on slope stability. [Undergraduate Final Year Project Report] (Submitted)

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Research area located at Sokor area in the district of Tanah Merah, Kelantan. This location consist of 3 formation which is Kemahang granite, Taku schist and Gua Musang formation. Kemahang granite aging Tri as consists of porphyritic granite, Taku Schist aging Permo-Trias consist of mica-schist and Gua Musang aging from middle Permian to Upper Triassic consist of interbedded of siltstone, sandstone and shale. An analysis of stability of slope consist of two part include the determination of the most severely stressed internal surface and the magnitude of the shearing stress to which it is subjected and determination of the shearing strength along this surface. As to achieve an optimum stability of slope, the properties of mechanical and physical of rock and soil must be determined. At the end of the study, will then produced a factor of safety for a soil slope and modes of instability for rock slope. Methods used in obtaining the mechanical properties of rock slope includes specific gravity, point load test and slope stability analysis. For soil slope, Atterberg limit test, compaction test, porosity test and humidity test is used to obtain information of the soil. Engineering study of rock and soil slope shows the indication of strength, mineral grain involved, water content and plasticity. Rock slope one showing an indication of failure such as wedge failure at low rock strength up to 0.02 MPa. Rock slope five has higher strength and no indication of failure based from structural analysis. Whereas slope three and four indicate hazardous factor of safety as the value of F.O.S is lower than 1. Soil engineering value shows that all soil slope is low in plasticity ranging 6.41 to 10.71 plasticity index. This indicate that the slope is low percentage of montmorillonite clay mineral which is good for a stabilise slope. Value of porosity on each slope ranges from 40 to 71 percent while for humidity ranges from 7.5 to 13.7 percent. Precaution step that should be taken based from the properties shown by the slope is that the slope should have gabion wall for rock slope and vegetative and subsurface drainage to strengthen the loose sediment on the slope and control the flow of runoff on the slope.

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